I started Multimedia Homeschool as a way of sharing the huge number of resources I’d come across during my yearly planning sessions. To me, homeschooling is not about reading a textbook and taking tests, but about learning through any and all methods at your disposal. Because of that, my kids and I play a lot of board and video games, read a ton of living books, and play with manipulatives and hands-on equipment. Multimedia Homeschool is my way of sharing those resources and interesting finds with other home educators.

blueprintI also wrote the book Blueprint Homeschooling to help parents strategically plan a full 36-week year of homeschool. It covers how to discover your values, the various methods and techniques available, goal-setting, curriculum management, and calendar planning. It’s available through the major book retailers such as Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and Google Play. You can also ask your library to purchase a copy so you can check it out for free by requesting the ISBN 0986224901. If you would like to read a section to get an idea of the writing style, check out the entire section on Values at blueprinthomeschooling.com.