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Blueprints for Homeschool Science: 700+ Recommended Resources to Supplement Elementary Studies of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Earth Science

Blueprints for Homeschool Science - Complete Set

ISBN: 0986224936

About This Book

Looking for the best books, videos, and games to help your elementary student love science? This is the master list you need!

Blueprints for Homeschool Science are compiled by veteran homeschooler and library power user Amy Knepper. This is a huge collection of lists organized by popular science topics to help you find books, videos, games, and kits that are kid-friendly and fun. Many of the resources are available in good libraries or with online accounts, making this a great choice for frugal homeschoolers who want to put together their own secular science curriculum.

4 Books in One! Includes 8 Bonus Top 10 Lists!

Blueprints for Homeschool Science includes the full lists found in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Earth Science, previously sold separately. It also includes eight bonus top ten lists, two for each major science subject, showcasing favorite resources for kids in grades K-3 and 4-6.

Pick up a copy of Blueprints for Homeschool Science for your homeschool reference library today.