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Biology: 275 Best Books, Videos, and Games to Supplement Elementary Science

Blueprints for Homeschool Science Book 1

ISBN: 1508860998

About This Book

Want to make learning fun for your kids? Use fantastic books, videos, and games!

Organized by themes and popular topics, Blueprints for Homeschool Science are compiled by veteran homeschooler and library power user Amy Knepper. Each one includes recommendations for great books, fantastic videos, and educational video games to make science fun and interesting. Even better: most resources are free to play online, free to stream via Netflix or Amazon Prime, or free to check out from your local library.

Biology includes over 275 resources on 35 different topics like Cells, DNA, Cats and Dogs, Herbivores, Unusual Animals, Biomes of the Earth, the Human Body Systems, and Plants.

Whether you’re planning a homeschool science study, or you’re looking for resources for your child’s school projects, this is a great list of resources for any elementary child wanting to learn more about biology. Pick up your copy today!