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I started this free art appreciation course with my kids yesterday. It’s written and offered by the fabulous Lena Levin, an artist who shares her work and experience on Google Plus (if you’re on G+, I highly recommend following her, if you don’t already). The course is written with the goal of teaching people how to see the beauty in the world around them. She includes famous works of art via the Google Art Project (another favorite free resource in our house).

Lena’s writing is really beautiful. I found that I had to “translate” the difficult words a bit so my kids (9 & 12) could understand the concepts. But it’s a very simple course — each email is a few paragraphs describing the concept, plus a link to a piece of art or gallery where you can see the concept in action. The image above is the piece of art we examined as part of our first lesson.

My kids have talked about our lesson on unity and contours almost nonstop since yesterday. They are already “seeing” things much differently, and both of them have been inspired to draw because of it. I’m looking forward to sharing the rest of the lessons with them.

Sign up for the free emails if this is something you’re interested in!…/the-art-of-seeing-as-an-artist/

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