Blueprints for Homeschool Science: The Complete Set!


I’m pleased to announce that I’ve finally finished the Blueprints for Homeschool Science series! My intention with the four books in the series (Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Earth Science) has always been to put them in an affordable single volume, and it’s finally out.

Blueprints for Homeschool Science is a single-volume compilation of the four previous books, and also includes eight top ten lists that showcase my absolute favorite resources for each science, divided by early elementary (K-3) and upper elementary (4-6) levels.

If you are always looking for good books, videos, or games to help your elementary kids learn about science, you will love having this book on your reference shelves.

Available for Amazon kindle for $4.95 (4 books for less than the cost of 3) or in paperback for $9.95 (4 books for the price of 2). As a bonus, Biology is free for the next three days (through September 4, 2015). Try it out and see if the full series is for you!

I hope these books help make homeschooling fun and easy for you and your family. Happy learning!

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