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homeschool chemistry

More Blueprints for Homeschool Science are here! Chemistry was one of the hardest collections for me, because finding good books for conceptual chemistry in the elementary years isn’t that easy. However, I’m happy with the 110 books, videos, games, and kits that I’ve recommended here. And we found a lot of new favorites along the way!

Chemistry is organized like the others in the series. There are recommended resources that cover all of chemistry, then resources for smaller topics. I’ve gone through the major groups of the periodic table, and found resources on specific elements. Many of these can be used not just for science studies, but also for history and social studies. Almost all of the resources (except for experiment kits, of course) are free to borrow from a local library or free to stream with a Netflix or Prime account.

Pick up Chemistry for your Kindle app or in paperback.

Why not check out the book that started this entire project? The fourth section of Blueprint Homeschooling talks all about curriculum and how to build your own using free or borrowed resources. So many readers asked me about my lists after reading that section that I decided to compile them so I could share them with other homeschoolers. Blueprint is all about planning, and might help you as you’re starting to look for curriculum for next year. Pick up a copy today!


Happy homeschooling!

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