Want to Know What Others Think of Blueprint Homeschooling?

“Amy Knepper writes with a conversational tone (including jokes) that makes it feel more like you’re enjoying a cup of coffee with her and chatting about how to homeschool plan than reading a book about how to homeschool plan. I felt far more like I was chatting with a friend, and this, I think, added something more to this book for me. Many books are written by “experts” whose tones often come across as condescending or even downright insulting. Amy Knepper has the experience and the knowledge to back up her claims to have a good method for planning, but she doesn’t use that “I know better than you, so you should listen to me” tone. Her book is written with the friendlier, “Hey, this is what I do and it works great for me, give it a shot if you think it’ll work for you.” There’s no pressure, and no rigidity. While she often mentions the 36 week school year because that is what she uses, she also mentions that you can adapt this process for whatever kind of schedule you use – and even for any method you use (including unschooling, to a degree!).”

I got this review of Blueprint Homeschooling recently, courtesy of Wendy Miller at Our Little Schoolhouse In the Country. This is a very thorough review of it, with both positives and negatives of the type of planning I introduce in Blueprint Homeschooling. She spends a full paragraph talking about how my reliance on the library, for instance, wouldn’t work for her. I can appreciate that I’ve been pretty spoiled by some great library systems!

I wanted to share it here, because I love what she said about my tone in the book. This is a person I’ve never met before, who took an offered review copy from a community I pitched it to. It’s nice to know it comes across for strangers as well as for friends who already know me.

Want to plan a fantastic school year that works for you and your family? Do you already know your homeschool values and know what your goals are?

Blueprint Homeschooling is available at a lot of places now. I’ve noticed a few libraries have picked it up, which is fun. If you want a copy, feel free to ask your library to pick it up, or purchase it at goo.gl/TTZ6CA.

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