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I’m not usually a big worksheet person, but we’ve come to the point in math learning where the kids need some extra practice. We’d learned all the basics of addition and subtraction and multiplication and division. The only thing left to do was practice until it was easy. I wanted to do timed drills with them to make sure those facts really started to stick.

It took me a few days to track down the site that did exactly what I wanted, but it exists! (This isn’t always true when I look for things. Sometimes, the thing in my head doesn’t exist in the real world.) is a repository of math worksheets that you can create and randomize at will. Want to make a multiplication table, but have 20% of it already filled in? You can do that. Want to do a timed addition drill, but only drill on facts with 9s? You can do that. Want complex algebraic equations? Go ahead! You can even include personalized notes for your children on each worksheet and choose whether or not to include an answer sheet.

Once you have the worksheet options set how you’d like, it creates a .pdf that you can either save to your computer or print out.

Here’s a screenshot of just part of their multiplication sheet options. You can see the huge list of available subjects down the lefthand side (click the image to see it full-size). Screenshot

I love this site! You can check out the various worksheets available through their pinterest board.

What’s your favorite site for math resources?

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