Books and Games About Cells for Kids

How do you teach your kids about cells? Most people think that teaching microbiology to elementary students sounds crazy, but kids love learning about cells! I did a unit on microbiology with my 3rd and 5th grader earlier this year. Here are some of our favorite books, games, and resources about cells for kids.

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase any of my recommendations, I’ll receive a small payment in return. As always, see if your library has them first! That’s where we get most of our books.

What's Smaller Than a Pygmy Shrew by Robert E. Wells

What’s Smaller Than a Pygmy Shrew by Robert E. Wells. This is a fun introduction to the size of things, and how small cells are. It starts with a 3-inch long pygmy shrew, and gets all the way down to quarks!

Tiny Creatures: The World of Microbes by Nicola Davies. Wonderful illustrations and nice text make this a great starter for your elementary students to understand tiny living creatures.


Mighty Animal Cells by Rebecca Johnson. Learn about the organelles and cell division in an engaging way, with fun illustrations.

Powerful Plant Cells by Rebecca Johnson. Like Mighty Animal Cells, this book gives a great overview of plant cell structure, photosynthesis, and division.

Micro Monsters: Life Under the Microscope by Christopher Maynard. This one is not for the squeamish! Full of great pictures of microscopic creatures.

Hidden Worlds: Looking Through a Scientist’s Microscope by Stephen Kramer. This one is full of wonderful pictures of the microscopic world.

cell book for kidsEnjoy Your Cells by Fran Balkwill. A cute and friendly introduction to cells in the body.

Micro Mania by Jordan D. Brown. This one is full of bugs, bacteria, and things that make you sick. It gives a great overview of the history of discovery and how to prevent various illnesses.

Protists: Algae, Amoebas, Plankton, and Other Protists by Rona Arato. I love this book because I think protists are some of the most beautifully strange things on earth. Full of great pictures for the curious, although the text might be better for late elementary or middle school.

cellcraft game cells for kidsCellCraft. This is a free browser-based computer game available on several different sites. You put together and control a cell, using the various organelles to optimize its strength. This is honestly my favorite resource for microbiology, because the information about the different organelles and the jobs they do really sticks!

If you want a hands-on cell model project to do, try this one which lets you create two edible cells made of jello and various candies! If you need more ideas, check out my Pinterest board for Homeschool Stuff.

Do you have any favorite resources for teaching microbiology at the elementary level? Tell me about them in the comments!

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