Art Walls for Homeschool

Starting this year, I wanted the kids to see more art. I have Monet and Klee and Van Gogh paintings hung throughout the house, but I wanted to make sure they were becoming familiar with other pieces of art.

I bought a set of the Usborne¬†Famous Painting Art Cards last fall, but I wasn’t sure what to do with them. Then, as I was putting our school stuff up on the wall for the new school year, I realized I had plenty of space to hang a few of the art cards each week.

famous painting cards

part of our homeschool wall

part of our homeschool wall

Over the weeks of school this year, I’ve traded out the cards for new paintings. For a while, I was gathering paintings with similar elements and then asking the kids to figure out why I’d chosen them. Today, the kids wanted to choose, so they gathered three paintings and talked about why they liked them and what was similar about them. Since the wall is so close to the dining room table, they’ll often talk about the paintings at meals, too. I’m really glad I started this! It’s like a mini art gallery in our homeschool space.

In case you’re curious, the other page hanging up there (“Space”) is from a free ABCs¬†of Art book from the artist Mo M.C.Gillis at We’ve been studying different elements of art over the year as well, and the drawings in that booklet have been very fun.

Do you have a fun way to add more art to your homeschool days?

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