Meet Our New Pets!

When we moved, we had to give up a few beloved friends. Our golden retriever moved to a farm full of goats and geese, and our sweet cat moved to a house full of other cats. We still miss both of them very much. Apartment life doesn’t offer much to large dogs or adventurous cats, and we’re not allowed to have any free-roaming pets here.

We’ve always kept critters in the name of science. We’ve kept fish, tadpoles and then salamanders and frogs, terrariums full of roly-polies, and tanks of butterflies in various stages of their life cycle.

So when we rescued a garden snail last weekend from the side of a garbage can, it was only fitting that s/he find a home with us.

2014-06-02 10.32.33

The kids were enthralled by this little creature. We went on a flurry of research, and learned that garden snails are common as pets because they are easy to care for (they eat dirt and decomposing plants, mostly), live a long time (15-20 years, given the right circumstances), and are generally quite entertaining.

After rescuing the first snail, the kids decided s/he needed a friend (snails, like earthworms, are both male and female). They employed several neighbor kids in their hunt through the shrubbery for the perfect companion for Shelley. After a long and dirty battle and half a dozen empty shells, they finally found Slimey.

2014-06-09 11.41.08The kids spent most of last night singing wedding music and trying to get Shelley and Slimey to kiss each other. I think they watch too many Disney movies. However, I do think it will be fun if these two make baby snails for us to watch.

In the meantime, we’ve discovered that dandelions are one of their favorite foods and that they really don’t like the flash from cameras.

2014-06-09 15.04.42

I have to admit, garden snails are possibly the strangest pets we’ve had so far, but they’re probably some of the cutest! I’m glad we took a chance on rescuing the first one.

What kinds of pets have you had?

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