The Final Stretch: Homeschooling After a Move

It’s June already! How did that happen? It’s that time of year when I’m usually knee deep in planning for next year so I can get all my curriculum for cheap at Used Curriculum sales and garage sales.

I’m a little behind this year.

We moved over 1,000 miles, to a new state and a new life, and we did it pretty quickly. From the time we heard of the possibility of moving to the time we actually loaded the truck, it was about 2 months. From the time we unloaded the truck to today, it’s been only another 2 months. While it seems like a lot of time, we were also working very hard during those months. Traditional schooling was the last thing on any of our minds when we were living out of boxes and sitting on the side of freeways waiting for tow truck drivers to repair our blown out tires.

So now I’m eyeing our calendar, and checking over all my records and my beautiful plans from last year. From my calculations, we have 3 weeks left. Only three weeks to finish all those lovely plans I had. If I tried to get through it all, we would be slogging through all summer. I’m not opposed to schooling year round, I just don’t want to.

Here’s where I throw out everything and consider what’s most important. This is the point when I assess all the things my kids learned that I didn’t expect them to learn while we were moving. This is the point when I switch into Bare Minimum mode.

Bare Minimum is what I call the 3 Rs: Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. I figure if my kids are staying on track with those three subjects, then we’re doing okay. Those three cover just about everything on the SATs, right? So when it’s time to scramble and get a year done, I check out all the library books on all those lovely subjects we didn’t quite make it to. We have history books and social studies books and science books. If the kids grab one of those for reading, I’m happy.

2014-06-03 10.05.12

For writing, we finish the year’s worth of Evan-Moor’s Daily Language Review. It’s a minimal exercise, but it covers everything I feel like we need to cover: grammar, spelling, language use, comparisons, handwriting, and punctuation.

2014-06-03 10.04.09

For arithmetic, we switched to using Khan Academy as our main curriculum a few months ago. For the boy, he has to master 4th grade to be done. Even though he’s only been on the site since April, I know he’ll manage this pretty easily in the next three weeks. For my girl, who is more of a hands-on learner, I expect her to master 50% of Early Math. I know she is doing multiplication right now, so that’s just a marker — a goal for her to reach.

These feel like manageable goals, and even though the kids will have to work hard to finish it all, they seem to feel relieved now that they know the end is in sight.

How are your last few weeks going? Are you already finished for the year and enjoying your summer? Or will you continue during the summer months?

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